Hello and welcome!!!

Pressured by my mother to keep a journal, my colleagues to share my knowledge, and online advice-givers to “improve my brand”, I’ve decided that it was time to start blogging.  I am an obsessive reader of blogs.  According to Google Reader Trends, over the past 30 days I have read 2410 items from 112 blogs (and that includes two weeks of vacation during which I spent fewer than 20 minutes a day online).    My carefully cultivated blog roll is the only place where I can find information about the issues I care about:  US politics, international development and aid policy, Boston sports teams, US government management technology initiatives, and new technology trends.  There isn’t a newspaper in the world that prints everything that I want to read.

Yet, I’ve been hesitant to start writing a blog myself.     I think that transparency is wonderful in theory, but when applied in practice – particularly when applied to my own personal life – I have had cold feet.   I’m also worried about spending time crafting posts only to jettison them into the swilling vortex of the internet.  Worse, I’m worried that someone will actually read my blog and I’ll be subsequently shamed when my views evolve.    I am not an expert in any of the things that interest me and it’s nerve-racking to leave a public trail.

Nevertheless, I want to give this a shot.  I have recently moved from Washington, DC to Nairobi Kenya and started working in Juba, Sudan.   It seems like a shame not to capture my experiences as I try to build a life and a career in a new place.    I plan to keep this blog focused on my professional interests such as enterprise applications, development approaches for East Africa, and public sector consulting although I will probably drift over time and write about my personal travails living in a new place and my extracurricular interests such as new gadgets and cool software.

If anyone is out there, thanks for reading and please leave a comment.  I hope that this resolution lasts longer than most.